Action Requested Today Jan 8th

Hundreds of people today are taking action across the state today, calling on lawmakers to close the disgraceful coverage gap.

This coverage gap has trapped nearly 1 million working moms and dads, veterans, students, and more. Those people will remain uninsured until our lawmakers accept the billions of dollars offered to Florida to give coverage to low-income citizens.

Lawmakers returned this week to Tallahassee and we know what that means: It’s time to act.

2015 is our year to win this. More and more businesses, political leaders, faith leaders, and folks just like yourself are putting the pressure on lawmakers to get it done and believe me, they’re listening.

Today, hundreds of health care activists will be taking action in Tallahassee, Miami, Orlando, and Tampa. (See below for event details)

If you cant make it to an event, we need you to leave a quick message for your State Representative or State Senator’s office. Click here to look up the number and leave a short message:

This is an important week for our campaign. Lawmakers will be moving very quickly to make critical decisions. 

It is critical that we demonstrate our power this week. Help us show that two years into this campaign, we’re stronger than ever. Leave a quick message for your Representative:

Every day, more businesses, faith leaders, physicians, and folks like yourself are joining in our fight. We’re all coming together today raise our voices with one simple message: Close the Gap.

Take 60 seconds to be part of this powerful day of action: or, join in with one of the events below.

Want to learn more about our strategy for moving forward, see some of the latest information on what the gap means for us, or get the latest policy updates? Join this special call on Tuesday, January 13th at 7:00 PM(less than an hour) featuring Stephanie Glover of National Women’s Law Center

Statewide Day of Action Events!


Time: 11:00 AM
Location: Outside of the Stephen P. Clark Government Center, 111 Northwest 1st Street, Miami (for the 11:00 event, contact Carla about metromover/metrorail event)
Contact: Carla, Catalyst Miami,
Synopsis: The event will consist of a press conference that includes lawmakers and individuals in the gap. There will also be a theatrical component with costumes, petition signing, and information about the coverage gap disseminated during rush hour (8:00 – 9:00 AM/5:00-6:00 PM) at the metromover and metrorail. Supporters welcome at all components!


Time: 12:00 Noon
Location: Capitol Building, Plaza Level Rotunda
Contact: Athena, Florida CHAIN,, (570)-760-1828
Synopsis: A short press conference featuring area leaders discussing the need to close the coverage gap will be followed by these leaders dropping off welcome packets to House and Senate leadership. The welcome packets include photos of real Floridians trapped in the coverage gap and vital information about what expansion means for hard-working families in FL. Supporters welcome to come to conference and also to pass out welcome materials!


Time: Throughout the day
Location: Offices of newly-elected House Representatives
Press Contact: Anna, Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando,
Synopsis: Area leaders and supporters will be delivering welcome baskets to newly elected Representatives in Central Florida. The welcome baskets will include photos from the Lives on the Line display that was covered by the Orlando media on October 18th. These are small, friendly events. Contact Anna for more information!


Time: 10:00 AM
Location: Outside local representatives’ offices.
Press Contact: Olivia, Florida Consumer Action Network,
Synopsis: Area leaders will present local representatives  with a welcome basket that includes the photos of real Floridians stuck in the coverage gap that received media attention when they were displayed in St. Petersburg on December 18th. This is a rather small, friendly event, contact Olivia for more details!

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