Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) and Officer Safety

Affiliates, Affiliate Presidents, Executive Directors: Please share this excellent article by Donald Turnbaugh as you see fit. Donald is a past president of NAMI Pinellas and is very active with CIT training.


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Chato HERE: I downloaded the article here: There is a dowanload at the bottom of the page too.  🙂


cite as requested per permission to use on the site:

Donald Turnbaugh, “Unlock the Mystery of Mental Illness with CIT – A Community Approach to Officer Safety,” The Police Chief 81 (September 2014): web-only article.



The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) published the attached 2,500-word treatise on Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) and Officer Safety on their website ( in conjunction with the September 2014 edition of Police Chief magazine featuring mental health issues with the cover reading: Mental Health’s Impact on Policing.

Donald Turnbaugh based the article, Unlock the Mystery of Mental Illness with CIT – A Community Approach to Officer Safety, on the interconnected themes of CIT and Officer Safety that was inspired by a Webcast conducted by the IACP featuring their Center for Officer Safety and Wellness

You may view the article on-line at: ; then click-on Resources & Publications; then click-on Police Chief Magazine; then click-on the magazine’s cover; then click-on Website Articles; then click-on the article.

The IACP is comprised of thousands of Police Chiefs, other ranking law enforcement officers and supporters. IACP is celebrating its 121st Anniversary in Orlando, FL, during their October 25-28, 2014 Convention.

CIT … more than just training.


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