NAMI North Carolina statement on the Senate budget proposal to cut LME-MCO funding

Lawmakers in Raleigh are trying to come to a decision about the state budget. The House and Senate could not be further apart about how to support our publically funded mental health system. Right now, the divide over the budget is so great that we are in the second continuing resolution. Part of the wedge in these discussions is the fate of Medicaid.

Numerous perspectives and possible plans have been put forward as to what will happen. While the negotiations continue in the halls of the legislature, the public system for mental health, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and substance abuse services (MHIDDSAS) system of local management entities/managed care organizations (LME-MCO) continues to function.

The system was designed to provide high quality care at a predictable cost. While the LME-MCO system has achieved budget predictability and is not responsible for the Medicaid cost overruns you have read about in the media, the LME-MCO system is just beginning to tap into new, innovative services that will improve care and outcomes for people living with mental illness.

When lawmakers created the LME-MCO system, the intent was that all “savings” accrued by the LME-MCO system were to be invested into creating and broadening innovative services. The Senate budget proposes cutting state funding to the LME-MCO system by millions, forcing the system to use their current fund balances to fund the status quo, instead of creating new services.

More worrisome, these innovative services could have given hope to those who haven’t found recovery and are cycling in and out of our emergency rooms. Legislators are looking for a solution to the ever growing problem of people with serious mental illness presenting at local emergency departments. The LME-MCO system may have the answer to this problem, but we will never know if the Senate budget passes.

NAMI North Carolina statement on the Senate budget proposal to cut LME-MCO fundingnami nc
NAMI North Carolina statement on the Senate budget proposal to cut LME-MCO funding
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